B+II WaterWizard

  • Steam-to-water water heater
  • Compact, tankless design
  • 500 to 1100 MBH


Bare Heater

Heat exchanger pressure vessel assembly on its stand.


Coil Material

Standard: Copper or copper alloy wetted surfaces

Optional: Copper Nickel or 0.065” thick Copper tubing


Packaged Heater

Shipped completely assembled and ready for immediate hook-up; includes heat exchanger, your choice of electronic or pneumatic steam valve, and full controls package.


Electronic Controls

AERCO's exclusive electronic control system combines a control box assembly with all circuitry, a flow meter installed at the cold water inlet for feed-forward sensing, feedback sensors and voltage regulator. To maintain optimal temperature control, the system utilizes PID algorithms to monitor outlet temperature and change control valve position. Easy-to-use digital displays are protected by clear-cover enclosure which can be locked. The system also includes an overtemp limit switch.


Modbus Communications

Optional control board supports remote control and integration via Modbus protocol to Building Automation or Energy Management Software via RS-232 or RS-485 port.


Dry Contacts

Optional for remote "High Limit Tripped Status" indication.


Pneumatic Controls (B+II WaterWizard only)

AERCO's exclusive Loadalert system continuously monitors water temperature and flow and modulates the flow of steam through the control valve and into the coils. Control panel includes pneumatic controller and dual solenoid valve over-temperature limit system. (One solenoid to disable steam control valve; One solenoid to perform as a secondary water relief valve.) Power on/tripped status lights, liquid-filled remote capillary thermometer and compound steam pressure gauge also included.

Technical Documents