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High Efficiency Commercial Tankless Water Heater

AERCO’s Innovation is the only commercial tankless water heater that provides hot water on demand without the need for any significant storage volume to buffer load change and provide stable hot water temperatures. It features up to 99% efficiency with precise temperature control ±4°F through its dynamic feed-forward sensing and unmatched turndown. Due to its unique tankless design, the footprint of Innovation is among the smallest in the industry for commercial water heaters saving facility space by eliminating storage tanks and its ability to use common venting, as well as lowering costs on installation and operation. It is easy to install, simple to service and cost effective eliminating the need for expensive storage tanks, mixing valves and tank circulators. Available in four sizes 625 - 1350 MBH. 

Advanced Edge Controller

AERCO’s advanced Edge® Controller works with Innovation water heaters to deliver superior system performance, maximum efficiency and the lowest cost of ownership. Learn more about retrofitting your existing Benchmark and Innovation units with the advanced Edge Controller here

Download the Edge Mobile App: iOS and Android.

Innovation 600

625 MBH

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Innovation 800

800 MBH

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Innovation 1060

1060 MBH

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Innovation 1350

1350 MBH

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