Convenient Health-of-System Remote Monitoring

AERCO’s onAER Predictive Maintenance is an affordable, easy-to-use, health-of-system monitoring that gives you instant access to unit performance details, event history, maintenance schedules and more. Operate your system at peak performance; simplify service and maintenance; and reduce cost of ownership!


How Does onAER Benefit You?

  • Avoid lost revenue due to downtime from undetected faults
  • Increase energy savings
  • Decrease service calls by up to 50%
  • Optimize system performance with real-time data and instant alerts
  • Reduce cost of ownership by preventing unnecessary wear and tear of equipment


onAER Predictive Maintenance is available with the Benchmark Platinum boilers with a complimentary 5-year subscription.


Optimize Performance

With access to a multitude of data points, you have a detailed overview of your boiler plant at all times.

Using data such as efficiency, cycles per hour, O2 levels, temperature readings, and more, you can ensure your system is operating at peak performance.

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Reduce Downtime

If a fault or performance decline is detected, onAER alerts you immediately via email so you can act swiftly to prevent an issue leading to a costly failure and potential facility downtime.

View a list of possible causes and suggested actions to aid with identifying the cause and fix more quickly.


Save Time and Money

Minimize unscheduled maintenance and decrease service costs with onAER’s instant alerts and detailed reports of system performance.

By trending multiple data points you can easily identify cost-saving system improvements.


Keep Data Secure

You can easily install onAER over a secure, authorized ethernet connection. A Wi-Fi module is available to connect to your wireless network.

Data travels only outbound to eliminate any security risks and keep your plant safe.




onAER at a Glance


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Reduce Cost of Ownership


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Prevent Premature Equipment Failure and Prolong Lifespan

onAER Predictive Maintenance lets you easily monitor the performance of your boiler plant to ensure it operates at peak performance. Instant alerts inform you if there’s a decline in performance, so you can proactively resolve issues before they develop into more severe problems that often lead to costly repairs and lost revenue from facility downtime.

You’ll also be better equipped to protect your investment from unnecessary wear-and-tear, thus extending the life of your system and reducing your cost of ownership.

✔ Avoid lost revenue from downtime due to undetected equipment issues

✔ Prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear of your equipment and extend system life

✔ Generate reports that aid in decision making and cost-saving improvements


Decrease Downtime and Unscheduled Maintenance


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Reduce Service Calls by up to 50%

onAER Predictive Maintenance reduces unscheduled maintenance by helping you identify and fix potential issues before they become a problem. You’ll reduce labor costs as a result of fewer emergency service calls and be able to schedule maintenance at your convenience.

Armed with performance and fault details, service technicians can arrive equipped with parts and information to conduct service and maintenance work faster and more efficiently to save on labor costs.

✔ Resolve issues quickly and prevent more serious ones from developing

✔ Schedule service at your convenience and minimize facility disruptions

✔ Submit maintenance/service and startup forms via onAER


Increase Reliability and Energy Savings


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Optimize Plant Performance and Efficiency

Identify energy-saving opportunities by trending multiple data points including efficiency, cycles per hour, O2 levels, temperature readings, etc. With onAER Predictive Maintenance, you have wealth of real-time data to help you optimize system performance, and you can generate regular reports that aid in decision making and cost-saving improvements.

Using onAER Predictive Maintenance typically helps you identify 4-5% system efficiency losses. This can translate into significant fuel savings annually.

✔ Increase reliability and system performance

✔ Trend multiple data points to identify energy-saving opportunities

✔ Save thousands of dollars in fuel bills annually


onAER Available with Benchmark Boilers

All models in the Benchmark boiler series come with the onAER Communications Kit pre-installed from the factory and no additional hardware is needed.


Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 750 and 1000

750 - 1000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 1500 and 2000

1500 - 2000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 2500 and 3000

2500 - 3000 MBH

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Benchmark 4000 and 5000N

4000 - 5000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 5000 and 6000

5000 - 6000 MBH

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