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Advanced Technologies from an Industry Leader

AERCO began as an Engineering Research Company and it’s still at the heart of everything we do. AERCO was the first to develop a tankless water heater and the first to introduce condensing, fully modulating boilers and water heaters. We build our own heat exchangers based on our specifications so we can deliver best-in-class systems that deliver higher efficiencies, greener products, lower operating costs and greater Return on Investment.

Read more about the innovative technologies that are an integral part of our equipment and systems.


Comparing Condensing Boiler Efficiencies

Whether you are comparing the performance of different equipment or seeking to estimate your potential fuel savings, it is imperative to gain a basic understanding of how manufacturers perform efficiency tests and how test conditions differ from real-world operations.

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Condensing Flue Gases

Water vapor, which is a by-product of the gas-fired combustion process, contains significant energy. For every pound of water vapor that is forced into a liquid state, some 1,000 BTU of latent energy, in the form of heat, are released. Effective condensing increases the efficiency by about 10% – turning more of the unit's fuel into usable heat.

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Seasonal Performance In Commercial Condensing Boilers

Heating plant size is dictated by the total capacity needed to fully heat a building on the very coldest day or night in a given climate zone. However, such extreme weather is rarely experienced throughout the year.

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Self-Descaling Coil

Scale buildup and cracked heat exchangers significantly reduce – and prematurely end – the useful life of most water heaters. Scale buildup on the surface of the heat exchanger diminishes its ability to absorb and transfer heat.

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Sub-Cooling Steam

The helical coil design of our WaterWizard family of products achieves thermal efficiencies in excess of 90% and ultimately requires less steam to perform a given duty when compared to any other steam-to-water heat exchanger design.

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The Importance Of Modulation

In general, modulation refers to the ability to adjust a boiler's or water heater's firing rate (input) to meet the heating demand (output) of the system. AERCO equipment utilizes a fully modulating design that precisely matches firing rate to actual building demand.

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Turndown Vs. Valve Position

The meaning of “Fire Rate” on AERCO boilers and water heaters feature turndown ratios up to 30:1, the highest of which are unmatched in the marketplace – far exceeding the 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 8:1, and 10:1 capabilities of competitive units.

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