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We've Set the Benchmark for all Other Condensing Boilers

High efficiency gas-fired Benchmark boilers reduce total project and lifecycle costs while delivering energy savings, quiet acoustics and easy maintenance. Their condensing heat exchanger design is built to withstand thermal shock and eliminates the need for boiler pumping equipment. Their forced draft, modulating burners operate with unmatched turndown to minimize cycling and maximize seasonal efficiency while simplifying the venting system. Each unit features a compact footprint allowing it to fit through a standard 32" doorway to be easily installed. Removable enclosure panels support easy access to all piping and simplify lifetime maintenance. Compatible with popular EMS software, the units can be remotely controlled and provide detailed LCD diagnostics. Available in eight sizes 750 - 6000 MBH.

Advanced Edge Controller

AERCO’s advanced Edge® Controller works with Innovation water heaters to deliver superior system performance, maximum efficiency and the lowest cost of ownership. Learn more about retrofitting your existing Benchmark and Innovation units with the advanced Edge Controller here

Download the Edge Mobile App: iOS and Android.

Benchmark Standard 750-3000 - Square

Benchmark 750 and 1000

750 - 1000 MBH

Benchmark Standard 750-3000 - Square

Benchmark 1500 and 2000

1500 - 2000 MBH

Benchmark Standard 750-3000 - Square

Benchmark 2500 and 3000

2500 - 3000 MBH

Benchmark Standard 750-3000 - Square

Benchmark 4000 and 5000N

4000 - 5000 MBH

Benchmark Standard 5000-6000 - Square

Benchmark 5000 and 6000

5000 - 6000 MBH