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Benchmark E pairs seamlessly with AERCO’s SmartPlate EV indirect water heater for a fully electric heating and hot water plant
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Reach Your Electrification and Decarbonization Goals with Confidence

Benchmark E is a powerful, zero-emissions electric boiler that offers the superior reliability and energy savings of the original, compact gas-fired Benchmark boiler, in addition to new technology such as Peak Load Management and Hybrid Plant capability. Effectively meeting local regulations and codes on building electrification and decarbonization, Benchmark E features powerful technology that maximizes system efficiency and optimizes plant management.

Up to 16 boilers can be easily sequenced – including gas-fired Benchmark boilers for a hybrid plant – and peak loads can be easily managed to reduce electricity usage. Benchmark E also pairs seamlessly with AERCO’s SmartPlate® EV indirect water heater for a fully electric heating and hot water plant solution.

Available in five sizes from 216 kW to 684 kW, equivalent to ~750 MBH to 2500 MBH output.

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Benchmark E

  • Zero-emissions electric boiler
  • Five sizes from 216 kW to 684 kW
  • Durable Incoloy sheathed elements
  • Compact, lightweight and fits in freight elevator
  • Integrated Edge® Controller
  • Manage electricity usage with Peak Load Management
  • Easy hybrid plant control and boiler sequencing
  • Industry-leading warranty

Industry-Leading Warranty for Peace of Mind

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2 Years

on boiler parts
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10 Years

on the pressure vessel
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1 Year

first year service policy
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1 Year

on electrical elements
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3 Years

on the Edge Controller
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Meet Building Electrification Requirements

Where building codes require building electrification, Benchmark E is a perfect choice. Benchmark E is 100% electric, burns no fuel, and is an extremely environmentally friendly solution when electricity is sourced from renewables. Benchmark E can also be paired seamlessly with AERCO’s SmartPlate EV indirect water heater for a fully electrified heating and hot water plant.

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Effectively Address Decarbonization Efforts

Many states have set targets to reduce carbon emissions, including requiring buildings to move toward more efficient solutions that use cleaner energy. With Benchmark E, emissions from the building heating plant can drop to zero – instantly. Benchmark E can also be used in a hybrid plant with existing fossil fuel-based boilers for a highly effective, cost-focused approach to meeting decarbonization requirements. 

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Save Time and Money on Installation

Benchmark E requires no venting for air intake and exhaust and, since it runs on electricity, no fuel piping is needed either. The result is a quicker, less expensive, and simpler installation process that can save time and money and a boiler that takes up less space in the mechanical room. A completely vent-free, electric heating and hot water plant solution is possible when paired with AERCO’s ultracompact SmartPlate EV indirect water heater.

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Spend Less Time on Maintenance

With no gas line, venting or consumables and fewer moving parts that can break down or need regular servicing, Benchmark E requires less maintenance than gas or oil-fueled boilers to save on labor and replacement costs.

Powerful technology that maximizes system efficiency and optimizes plant management


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Peak Load Management

Benchmark E lowers building peak loads and operational costs by maximizing charging time during hours with off-peak electricity rates. The Edge Controller can limit power output by using a time schedule, analog input from a Building Automation System, or outdoor temperature sensor.

The SSR element group in the Benchmark E further enhances the effects of peak load management by providing superb low-load control.

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Hybrid Plant

Benchmark E boilers come standard with AERCO’s Boiler Sequencing Technology (BST) to enable the load to be shared between up to 16 boiler units in order to maximize system energy efficiency. As individual boilers are added or taken offline for maintenance, the energy delivered is automatically adjusted to prevent fluctuations in the header temperature of the plant.

The built-in BST also enables Benchmark E boilers to be sequenced with AERCO’s gas-fired Benchmark boilers for a robust hybrid plant to optimize boiler operation. Prioritize the electric boiler to reduce building emissions while using gas to cover design load days. Or, use the hybrid plant feature to reduce cost by prioritizing the gas or electric boiler depending on local gas and electricity costs.

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Benchmark® condensing boiler can be paired with Benchmark E. Our gas fired boiler optimizes your hydronic system for peak performance and maximum efficiency. Through innovative technology (including AERtrim® patented O2 Trim technology, Dual Returns and onAER Predictive Maintenance), Benchmark saves time and money by reducing install, startup and operating costs; simplifies startup and maintenance; and strengthens system performance and efficiency resulting in the lowest cost of ownership.

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SmartPlate EV - Square

SmartPlate EV

SmartPlate® EV indirect water heaters are specifically engineered to complement Benchmark E in low temperature applications to provide safe, reliable domestic hot water while promoting system-wide energy efficiency. Easy to install, these compact heaters offer single point header connections for domestic hot water, cold water, boiler water inlet, boiler water outlet and electrical power supply and are available in five sizes able to support loads ranging from 10 to 90 gallons per minute.

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