Nexa offers real-time equipment monitoring, insight and alerts


Innovation water heaters are now compatible with Nexa, the cloud-based water management software from Watts. Nexa provides detailed performance insights, event history, maintenance schedules and more. Operate your system at peak performance; simplify service and maintenance; and reduce cost of ownership!



Prevent Premature Equipment Failure and Prolong Lifespan


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Nexa lets you easily monitor equipment performance to ensure it operates at peak performance.

Instant alerts inform you of a decline in performance, so you can proactively resolve issues before they develop into costly repairs and lost revenue from facility downtime.

You will be better equipped to protect your investment from unnecessary wear-and-tear, extending the life of your system and reducing cost of ownership.


✔ Avoid lost revenue from downtime due to undetected equipment issues

✔ Prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear of your equipment and extend system life

✔ Generate reports that aid in decision making and cost-saving improvements

Reduce Service Calls and Avoid Unnecessary Ones


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Nexa reduces unscheduled maintenance by helping you identify and fix potential issues early, and it can help you rule out the heating equipment when the source of an issue stems from elsewhere in system. This results in fewer emergency calls, reduced labor costs, and convenient scheduling of maintenance.

Armed with performance and fault details, technicians can arrive prepared, conducting faster and more efficient maintenance, further saving on labor costs.


✔ Resolve issues quickly and prevent more serious ones from developing

✔ Schedule service at your convenience and minimize facility disruptions

✔ Submit maintenance/service and startup forms via the Nexa platform

Optimize Plant Performance and Efficiency


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Identify energy-saving opportunities by trending multiple data points including cycles per hour, a host of temperature readings, blower output, etc. 

You can generate regular reports that aid in decision making and cost-saving improvements.

With Nexa, you have a wealth of real-time data to help you optimize system performance and minimize system efficiency losses.


✔ Increase reliability and system performance

✔ Trend multiple data points to identify energy-saving opportunities

✔ Reduce your fuel bills significantly


AERCO Solutions with Nexa Compatibility

Our Innovation water heaters are fully compatible with Nexa with no additional hardware needed.

More AERCO products will be integrated with Nexa compatibility in the near future.


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Innovation 600

625 MBH

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Innovation 800

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Innovation 1060

1060 MBH

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Innovation 1350

1350 MBH

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More on Nexa

Nexa is an ecosystem of compatible equipment and system-agnostic, retrofittable sensors for temperature, pressure and leak detection. Learn more about your options to actively monitor and manage your building water infrastructure, onsite and remote.

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