AM Series Water Heaters

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Powerful Hot Water Systems with Built-in Redundancy

The AM Series high efficiency water heaters are powerful hot water systems with compact footprints and built-in redundancy. The AM Variable Radial Circulation heat exchanger is highly resistant to scale build-up which promotes uptime reliability, expands the lifetime expectancy of your system and increases your Return on Investment. Each unit consists of between 2 - 4 individual modules, each with its own combustion chamber, burner, gas valve, and combustion controls and safeguards, all tied together to common water connections and assembled in a single enclosure. This provides the advantages of high turndown and multiple-unit redundancy, while still keeping installation costs down and operation simple. Multiple units can be installed with near-zero side clearance for larger installations. Internal valves are included for additional savings on installation costs.

AMR (AM Rapid Recovery)

199 - 500 MBH

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AM Series Skid Packaged Systems: Pool Heating

399 - 1000 MBH

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