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A Smarter Way to Heat Your Building

Condensing boilers for commercial applications

AERCO’s Benchmark® condensing boiler optimizes your hydronic system for peak performance and maximum efficiency. Through innovative technology (including AERtrim® patented O2 Trim technology, Dual Returns and onAER Predictive Maintenance), Benchmark saves time and money by reducing install, startup and operating costs; simplifies startup and maintenance; and strengthens system performance and efficiency resulting in the lowest cost of ownership.

Sizes from 750 to 6000 MBH


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  • Condensing gas-fired boilers (750-6000 MBH)
  • Exclusive and innovative technologies and features
  • Unmatched modulation and efficiency
  • Durable 439 stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger
  • Compact design and easy to apply
  • Low NOx emission
  • Integrated Boiler Sequencing Technology (up to 16 boilers)
  • 10-year HX warranty and lifetime thermal shock
  • Pair with SmartPlate EV indirect water heater for a combination plant
  • Free up space in mechanical room with BMK Outdoor enclosure

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Patented combustion technology self-adjusts the combustion process for optimal oxygen levels and peak system efficiency. Learn more



Dual Returns

Take full advantage of diverse load demands for maximum efficiency and application flexibility. Learn more



Edge® Controller

Fully integrated controller that enables full unit setup and control, enhanced diagnostics and configuration capabilities. Learn more


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Superior Warranty

Industry-leading warranty includes 10-year heat exchanger, lifetime thermal shock, 18-months parts, and more. Learn more


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Superior Construction for Greater Uptime Reliability

AERCO’s 439 stainless steel heat exchanger delivers a longer life through a simplified design that has only two moving parts. The condensing heat exchanger is built to withstand thermal shock and eliminates the need for traditional boiler pumping equipment.

The forced draft, modulating burners operate with unmatched turndown to minimize cycling and maximize seasonal efficiency while simplifying the venting system. AERCO’s patented air/fuel delivery system and fully modulating burner reduces cycling losses, as well as wear and tear.

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Saves Space, Easy to Install

Benchmark is a powerful boiler packed into a small footprint. Each stainless steel unit fits through standard 36” doorways and can travel via elevators – no need to tear down walls, use cranes or other expensive tools. In fact, our Benchmark 6000 is the smallest of its kind – up to a third the size of the competition.

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Simple to Service

Removable enclosure panels provide easy access to all piping making the Benchmark extremely easy to service which simplifies lifetime maintenance. It’s also compatible with popular EMS software, and can be remotely controlled providing detailed LCD diagnostics that can help prevent any issues from developing.

Benchmark requires zero side clearance and can be serviced via the front or top of the boiler, as well as the side. This flexibility allows units to be configured side by side.

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Perfect for Decarbonization Projects

The Greenspec® listed Benchmark boilers are perfect for environmentally conscious designs. The small footprint, flexible venting/piping options, high efficiency and lower operating costs can help facilities earn LEED points:

  • High turndown (up to 20:1)
  • AERtrim for optimal combustion
  • Dual Return connections
  • Durable and reliable firetube heat exchanger
  • Low NOx emissions
Read the case study about how Benchmark boiler helped HDR's new headquarters achieve LEED Gold certification.

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Exclusive and Innovative Technologies and Features


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Advanced combustion control systems in high efficiency boilers need to maintain precise air/fuel ratios in order to work properly and maximize efficiency. However, environmental variations (such as humidity, atmospheric pressure, filter dust loading, delivered gas energy content and other factors) can often wreak havoc on gas boilers causing them to deviate from the ideal oxygen-fuel ratio.

The patented AERtrim technology is an optional feature on the Benchark models and monitors the actual boiler conditions and self-adjusts its combustion process to ensure your system is operating at optimal oxygen levels and peak system efficiency. The result is greater uptime reliability, more money saved through increased efficiencies, lower emissions, and an ideal environment for condensing to occur. It also lowers operating and maintenance costs and delivers an additional 1-2% in seasonal efficiency gain.

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Dual Returns

The optional 'Dual Returns' feature enables you to take full advantage of your Benchmark boiler by helping you design the most efficient system possible.

Most traditional boilers have 'Single Returns' which limit engineers to designing generic applications that force the blending of hot and cold water temperatures. This creates a small condensing zone in the heat exchanger reducing efficiencies. With 'Dual Returns' you can take full advantage of diverse load demands specific to a site for a customized system that maximizes operation efficiencies by keeping cold water separate for a larger condensing zone to enhance boiler efficiency up to an additional 6%.

Ideal for applications that feature combination systems, including multi-zone space heating, space heating with DHW combination systems, radiant floor heating, pool heating, snow melt, and supplementary heat for heat pump systems.

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Edge Controller and Mobile App

The integrated Edge Controller significantly streamlines and simplifies operation and maintenance. It delivers many industry firsts including automated flow balancing, combination plant setup through manager (i.e., setup and manage two boiler groups for heating and hot water with swing boilers in combination plant), Combustion Calibration Assist, and the ability to submit service forms to AERCO directly from the app.

The Edge Mobile App enables full unit setup and control, incorporating all the functionalities of the touchscreen controller, but with added benefits of enhanced diagnostics and configuration capabilities on a large screen. It enables you to trend multiple parameters of unit performance on one screen and submit service forms directly from the app. Available on iOS and Android.  

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Industry-Leading Warranty

In addition to all the advanced features of the Benchmark, our boilers also come with an industry-leading warranty:
  • 10-Year Heat Exchanger - Thermal Shock, Condensate Corrosion, Manufacturing Defect
  • Lifetime Thermal Shock
  • Five-Year Burner
  • Two-Year Edge Controller
  • 18-months Parts Warranty

Optional 15-year heat exchanger warranty for added peace of mind.

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Enhance Your Benchmark Boiler


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Pair your Benchmark boiler with a SmartPlate EV indirect water heater for a smart, powerful combination plant that promotes system-wide energy efficiency in an ultra-compact design without compromising performance. Direct two-way communication between the units provides optimal control and communication as well enhanced diagnostics and configuration capabilities.

Benchmark can also be easily sequenced with the electric Benchmark E boiler for a hybrid plant for maximum flexibility. 

BMK Outdoor is our durable enclosure that enables all Benchmark boilers to be installed outdoors to save space in the mechanical room and for greater application flexibility.  The outdoor enclosure is fabricated with a combination of corrosion-resistant, high-strength aluminum and coated steel to safely protect your investment from the elements. 

Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 750 and 1000

750 - 1000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 1500 and 2000

1500 - 2000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 2500 and 3000

2500 - 3000 MBH

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Benchmark 4000 and 5000N

4000 - 5000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum front

Benchmark 5000 and 6000

5000 - 6000 MBH

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