Turning a Sky-High Inefficient Problem into an Energy-Saving Solution


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Boston, MA

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What the Customer Needed

For eight years, two gas-fired tank water heaters supplied domestic water to the office building in downtown Boston. Each heater was rated at 83% efficiency, with 540 MBH input and 125 gallons of storage. One heater, however, started losing its coating—supplying rusty water to the building.

AERCO's Solution

The building’s management hired an engineering firm to tackle the problem. The client wanted a more energy efficient, retrofit solution—without the rigging nightmare. The best choice for the job? The AERCO Innovation 600… tankless, 96% efficient, and lighter and smaller than any competitor:

  • The Innovation’s design guarantees lighter weight and smaller overall dimensions. It’s small enough to fit through a standard doorway…a huge benefit in a crowded office building with small corridors and a mechanical room on the top floor.
  • The installing contractor was able to ride the Innovation up the building’s elevator, bringing it to the 35th floor and successfully rigging it through a stairwell to the mechanical room. There, it replaced the bigger, bulkier, less efficient and failed tank heater.
  • Since the Innovations were easily sidewall vented with PVC, it greatly reduced installation costs.

Results / Return on Investment

The Innovation 600 is currently operating in parallel with the building’s remaining tank heater. When that tank heater inevitably fails, plans are in place to install a second Innovation. With their onboard Water Heater Management (WHM) systems, the office building can expect to reduce fuel consumption by at least 25 to 30%.