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Innovations for Jails, Barracks, Gang Showers

Innovations for Jails Barracks Gang Showers

Compact, tankless Innovation water heaters provide instant, safe, domestic hot water for facilities with varied load requirements including jails, military barracks, gang showers and more.

  1. Relief Valve
  2. Hose Connection
  3. Manual Gas Shutoff
  4. Gas Regulator
  5. Dirt Trap
  6. Shell Drain Valve
  7. Condensate Drain Trap
  8. ADMS
  9. Thermometer
  10. Thermometer
  11. 140°F Recirculation
  12. Cold Water In
  13. Sequencing Valve
  14. Innovation Water Heaters
  15. Thermometer
  16. Backflow Prevention
  17. Expansion Tank
  18. 140°F Hot Water Out
  19. Gas Inlet
  20. Mandatory Strainer
  21. 120°F Recirculation
  22. 120°F Tempered Hot Water Out