ReCon Maintenance Kits

ReCon Maintenance Kits 1

ReCon Maintenance and Waterside/Fireside Inspection Kits

The annual maintenance kits consist of the spark igniter and, flame detector.

The 24-month waterside/fireside inspection kits consist of the spark igniter, flame detector, and condensate trap orifice and o-ring, and gaskets/seals needed to inspect the fireside and waterside.

NOTE: This kit already includes the components included in the annual maintenance kit — therefore, when performing the waterside/fireside inspection, you only need the 24-month waterside/fireside inspection kit, not both.

The below TID documents can be found on the AERCO Learning Management System (LMS).

Maintenance Kits Part Number Technical Instructions
ReCon Annual 58113-01 TID-0143
ReCon 24-mon Waterside/Fireside inspection (includes Air filter) 58113-02 TID-0144
ReCon 24-mon Waterside/Fireside inspection 58113-03 TID-0144