KC 1000 Maintenance Kits

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KC 1000 Maintenance and Fireside Inspection Kits

The annual maintenance kits consist of the spark igniter, flame detector, and condensate trap orifice and o-ring.

The fireside inspection kits consist of the spark igniter, flame detector, and burner/burner release gaskets, combustion chamber liner, exhaust manifold-to-combustion chamber gasket, and exhaust manifold-to-lower head seal. For water heaters, head/head release gaskets, BTU transmitter hot water orifice, and BTU transmitter cold water orifice are also included.

NOTE: These kits already include components found in the Annual Maintenance Kit (P/N: 124929 - igniter and flame detector) — therefore, when performing the fireside inspection, you only need the fireside inspection kit, not both.

The below TID documents can be found on the AERCO Learning Management System (LMS).

Maintenance Kits Part Number Installation Instructions
KC1000 Nozzle Mix Annual 124929 TSB-2004-09
KC1000 Boiler Nozzle Mix 24-mon Waterside/Fireside inspection 58020-02 TSB-2004-09 + GF-109
KC1000 Water Heater Nozzle Mix 24-mon Waterside/Fireside inspection 58020-04 TID-0161
KC1000 LN Annual 58020-05 TID-0062
KC1000 Boiler LN 24-mon Waterside/Fireside inspection 58020-06 TID-0062
KC1000 Water Heater LN 24-mon Waterside/Fireside inspection 58020-07 TID-0062