Luxury Apartments Find AERCO Water Heaters to be a Perfect Fit


Multifamily Housing


One City Place at City Center
White Plains, NY

Product Installed

Sales Representative

G. A. Fleet

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What the Customer Needed

One City Place at City Center prides itself on offering luxury, well-appointed apartments, a host of amenities and stunning views. Managed by the award-winning Bozzuto Group, building management has a goal of enhancing residents’ lives and making them comfortable every day. So, when tenants did not have enough hot water because one of four existing heaters started to leak, management had to move quickly and intelligently.

Replacing the units was easier said than done due to their location. The existing water heaters were located on the 37th floor with no external excess to the mechanical room. It also had to be navigated up four flights of steps with 180°F turns because the service elevator stopped at the 35th floor. Not wanting to go through the time, trouble and expense of modifying the external structure to install the new water heaters, management sought a reliable, compact unit that could fit through a standard doorway.

AERCO's Solution

Fortunately for building management, the AERCO Innovation 1350 checked every box in the criteria list. Working with Manufacturer’s Representative, GA Fleet Associates, AERCO recommended the Innovation 1350 because its reliable, high-efficiency tankless design delivers instantaneous hot water with no storage tank or standing water that has to be heated up and then mixed down. Its corrugated tubes increase effective heat transfer surface area for optimal thermal efficiencies up to 99%. Enhanced waterside flow distribution maintains constant minimum velocities across the heat exchanger to greatly reduce scale dropout for high-efficiency performance and long life. With up to 30:1 turndown, the Innovation 1350 eliminates wasted fuel and reduces operating costs. The tankless design allows the system to operate with set points of 120°F or below – saving energy and reducing the risk of scalding.

It also met the apartment building’s tight space constraints associated with the project. Measuring 51D x 28W x 76H (inches) the Innovation 1350 was able to be maneuvered through the narrow stairwell and doorway into the mechanical room without issue.

Results / Return on Investment

While a timely and compact replacement was paramount, other goals were to make sure the water heater would provide reliable hot water to the building’s occupants, save energy and money, and be environmentally sound. The Innovation 1350 delivers on all accounts. Its high efficiency and all stainless steel construction maximizes the unit’s life and reduces maintenance expenses. Additionally, GA Fleet Associates installed the two Innovation 1350 units with sequencing valves that will reduce cycling losses and increase unit longevity for even greater energy and operating savings.