Finding a Healthier Hot Water Solution for a Hospital with Growing Pains




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What the Customer Needed

A hospital in Iowa has seen a lot of changes in recent years. The center is undergoing a major three-phase renovation project that includes building an Energy Center, a new Surgery Department, a remodeled Outpatient Department, a new Health Education Department and much more. The changes will catapult the hospital into this century—but its existing, steam-fired water heaters were simply not up to the job for the expanded facility.

AERCO's Solution

With plans in place for its new mechanical plant, the hospital sought the expertise of an engineering consulting firm to move its domestic hot water away from its current, inefficient steam-fired boilers—which only offered 60 to 70% efficiency, at best. For a facility in the midst of a major expansion that simply wouldn’t do. The engineers recommended and designed the installation of four AERCO Innovation 1060 units. The Innovation’s on-demand, tankless, 96% efficient design will meet the hospital’s growing needs now and for years to come:

  • Since the Innovations are controlled by an ingenious Water Heater Management System, they provide the domestic hot water control so critical to a healthcare environment. This digital system offers far greater accuracy than older, out-of-date pneumatic control systems of indirect heaters. The Innovations allow the hospital to meet code requirements for sanitary purposes, along with anti-scald protection.
  • The Innovation’s highly efficient design will reduce natural gas consumption and costs—a major goal for the project.
  • With small footprints, complete per-assembly and lightweight design, the Innovations offered flexible and efficient installation.

Results / Return on Investment

The Innovations will provide an average operating efficiency of 95% vs. 50-60% for the previous steam system, owing to lower steam boiler efficiency and steam piping radiation losses. The health center will also enjoy significantly lower natural gas costs over time, thanks to Innovations’ high efficiency rating.