AERCO Benchmark Boilers Provide Secret Weapon at Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium

AS SEEN ON TV: AERCO Benchmark Boilers Provide Secret Weapon at Arrowhead Stadium


In one of the coldest NFL games ever played, with temperatures plummeting to minus-4 degrees Fahrenheit and bone-chilling wind gusts reaching over 25 mph, the Miami Dolphins faced the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.


What made the frigid weather bearable and the field safe for players was the innovative $2.2 million turf-warming heating system installed beneath the field, powered by AERCO Benchmark boilers. The Chiefs' forward-thinking decision to invest in this cutting-edge technology was highlighted in a pre-game segment:




The three-year project, completed in 2016, involved laying thousands of feet of pipes underneath the playing surface. These pipes connect to three AERCO Benchmark three-million BTU boilers situated in a mechanical room located under the stadium bleachers. The boilers heat up water that is then pumped through the pipes to warm the field and help prevent potentially dangerous injuries to players.


This state-of-the-art heating system not only ensures a safe, playable surface in extreme cold but also offers versatility for various events held throughout the year. By providing optimal playing conditions, the Chief’s investment has paid dividends in player safety, performance, and the team's overall success.


Kansas City won the game 26-7.

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