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The Next Evolution in Indirect Water Heaters Bring Multiple Benefits to New and Retrofit Commercial Applications

AERCO, a Watts brand, introduces the SmartPlate® EV, the next evolution of tankless indirect water heaters that uses state-of-the-art technology to meet current and future needs of commercial and institutional domestic water-to-water heating installations. At 24” x 32”, the SmartPlate EV features a sleek, compact footprint and incorporates simple, easy to understand, real-time, load tracking and responsive controls to maintain accurate hot water temperatures under diversified load patterns.

Available in five models with capacities up to 4500 MBH, SmartPlate EV provides up to 90 gpm of domestic hot water while increasing overall boiler plant efficiency. It features tight temperature control, high thermal efficiency, low maintenance, longevity, and high reliability. SmartPlate EV is an ideal solution for architects and installing contractors in new designs and retrofits because there are no storage tanks, vent lines or gas lines to install, and its ultra-compact footprint.

“AERCO revolutionized the concept of brazed plate, and plate and frame potable water heating with the SmartPlate line of single- and double-wall water heaters. Now, we’re excited to launch its evolution, the SmartPlate EV, which features an ultra-compact footprint of 24” x 32”, advanced technology, and capacities up to 4500 MBH and 300 PSIG. It also easily integrates with AERCO’s Benchmark® boilers and Edge® Controllers to give you one of the smartest, most powerful commercial heating and hot water systems in the industry,” said Nick Lane, Associate Product Manager, Hydronic Solutions.


Advanced Technology

AERCO integrated advanced technology to optimize performance of the SmartPlate EV water heaters. Sensors at the potable water inlet and outlet provide feed forward and feedback temperature signals to SmartPlate EV’s proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller and fast-acting electronic control valve. The result is accurate temperature control of +/-4° F under diversified loads. 

The controller can be remotely monitored and/or fully integrated with BAS software via Modbus communications protocol to control and/or poll important operating parameters of the heater. SmartPlate EV heaters incorporate a safety shut-off system that operates independently of the unit controller in the event of an over-temperature condition or power loss at the facility. 


High Reliability, Long Life  

SmartPlate EV maintains the AERCO tradition of using the highest quality materials and features a stainless steel, brazed-plate double-wall style heat exchanger. As a result, SmartPlate EV heaters can utilize boiler water as little as 5°F above the desired DHW temperature. Further extending the life of the water heaters is that all water wetted parts are stainless steel, copper or copper alloy materials. Inlet strainers on the boiler water and DHW sides simplify maintenance for the life of the equipment.


Perfect for Combination Systems 

When paired with AERCO Benchmark Platinum boilers, the SmartPlate EV provides a world-class combination plant solution that promotes system-wide energy efficiency. SmartPlate EV offers direct two-way communication with Benchmark Platinum boilers for optimal control and communications. The tankless water heater has a bypass line that can be directly piped to the upper inlet of a Benchmark Platinum boiler to ensure only water cooled in the SmartPlate EV’s heat exchanger flows to the lower inlet. Combustion gases are further cooled due to this configuration as well, increasing boiler efficiency by as much as 6%.

Learn more about the SmartPlate EV.

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