Benchmark and SmartPlate Combination Plant

Compact Footprint

Boost Efficiency, Simplify Installation and Lower Costs

AERCO’s Benchmark® condensing boilers and SmartPlate® EV indirect water heaters are among the most advanced commercial heating and hot water solutions available. Together, they create a smart, powerful combination plant that promotes system-wide energy efficiency in an ultra-compact design without compromising performance.

Benchmark and SmartPlate EV come with features which enable a direct two-way communication between the units for optimal control and communication as well enhanced diagnostics and configuration capabilities to help ensure the system operates together at peak performance.

Read more about how advanced design features improve system-wide efficiency and create additional cost savings in this HPAC Engineering article.

5 Reasons to Choose a Combination Plant


Greater Efficiency

Because a combination plant provides heat for both domestic hot water and space heating, and their loads tend to occur at different times of the day, the combination plant is able to reduce the peak design load and lower the overall heating capacity required by the system. As a result, a combination plant typically uses less gas-fired equipment to provide heat for the system as compared to two separate plants and is able to achieve greater efficiencies and increase energy savings.

Additionally, Benchmark’s dual returns, when paired with a low temperature application such as the SmartPlate EV, allow engineers to take full advantage of diverse load demands specific to a site and design a customized system that maximizes operation efficiencies by keeping cold water separate and creating a much larger condensing zone thereby enhancing boiler efficiency up to an additional 7 percent.

SmartPlate EV water heaters also minimize radiation losses and maximize boiler efficiency by utilizing Benchmark’s boiler water as little as 5°F above the required potable water temperature.

Lower Installation Costs

A combination plant requires much less venting and gas connections compared to separate boiler and water heater systems that are installed individually.

Built by the same manufacturer, the Benchmark and SmartPlate EV are designed to work together seamlessly. The units feature common components as well as piping and fittings that connect easily, allowing you to save valuable time and money during installation.

And because the Benchmark provides heat for domestic hot water as well as space heating, you only need one redundant boiler instead of two redundant units (a redundant boiler and a redundant water heater).

Easy to Operate

The Edge Controller and mobile app significantly streamline and simplify startup and operation of the plant. With enhanced diagnostics and configuration capabilities, you can view and trend multiple parameters to optimize unit and plant performance. Up to 16 Benchmark boilers and six SmartPlate EV water heaters can be connected and controlled via a single Edge Controller.

Benchmark boilers can write the domestic hot water setpoint on the SmartPlate EV units and all information can be sent to a MODBUS or BACnet BAS without the need of an external gateway device.

Compact Footprint

While the Benchmark is one of the most compact boilers in the industry and easily fits through a standard doorway, the SmartPlate EV measures a tiny 24”x32” and features vertical piping that reduces the overall footprint even further and provides additional design flexibility.

Customizable to Fit your Needs

The Benchmark and SmartPlate EV combination plant provides several options to best fit your building needs whether your project is new construction or retro-fit, including using temperature boost or swing valves to handle different supply temperature needs for space heating and domestic hot water.

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