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Save. Simplify. Strengthen.

AERCO’s Benchmark® Platinum condensing boiler optimizes your hydronic system for peak performance and maximum efficiency. Through innovative technology (including AERtrim patented O2 Trim technology, Dual Returns and onAER Predictive Maintenance), Benchmark Platinum saves time and money by reducing install, startup and operating costs; simplifies startup and maintenance; and strengthens system performance and efficiency resulting in the lowest cost of ownership.

Advanced Edge Controller and Mobile App

AERCO’s Edge® Controller makes startup and maintenance even easier with EZ Setup and Combustion Calibration Assist, while the Edge Mobile App enables full unit setup and control with enhanced diagnostics and configuration capabilities giving you the freedom to move around the unit when configuring, diagnosing and troubleshooting.

Download the Edge Mobile App: iOS and Android.

Outdoor Enclosure

Our durable outdoor enclosure enables all Benchmark Platinum boilers to be installed outdoors, while safely protecting your investment from the elements. The outdoor enclosure is fabricated with a combination of corrosion-resistant, high-strength aluminum and coated steel. Learn more: BMK Outdoor TDS

Benchmark Platinum 750 and 1000

750 - 1000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum 1500 and 2000

1500 - 2000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum 2500 and 3000

2500 - 3000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum 4000 and 5000N

4000 - 5000 MBH

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Benchmark Platinum 5000 and 6000

5000 - 6000 MBH

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