AERCO Introduces Multi-Protocol Communications Gateway

Publish Date: 12/12/2007
Northvale, NJ (December 12, 2007) — AERCO International, Inc., has introduced a multi-protocol, communications gateway for new and installed Benchmark or KC1000 boilers, KC1000 water heaters, Modulex boilers and AERCO's full line of steam-to-water and water-to-water heaters. The plug-n-play package supports integration with N2, BACnet and LonWorks systems to deliver up to 300 customer-selected data points from each product's C-More™, E8 or ECS unit controller or from the AERCO BMS, a multiple unit control system.

"As a leader in the commercial heating industry, AERCO wanted to simplify the integration challenges faced by customers with a broad range of legacy building control and energy management systems," said Fred Depuy, president of AERCO. "While our products are designed to support direct integration via Modbus open protocol, customers utilizing other communications protocols still needed to create a custom gateway to translate between Modbus and their legacy system's protocol. The new add-on module eliminates this extra work and significantly reduces the expense of this undertaking. Even more exciting is the fact that we are now able to support all of the most popular communication protocols - not just one or two.

The gateway is packaged in a UL-recognized plastic enclosure that can be installed on a wall or mounted on AERCO's equipment using a steel mounting bracket. All three protocols reside in the gateway with the desired protocol selected by the customer using a dipswitch. The standard gateway is programmed for up to 12 boilers/heaters, four ECS units, and one BMS with a list of standard control points for each category of equipment. A custom program option, to support access to up to 300 customer selected data points is also available.

The communications gateway is available with AERCO's Modulex, Benchmark and KC1000 gas-fired boilers and water heaters as well as with the AERCO BMS, a multiple unit controller for these lines. In addition, the module can be retrofit to existing BMS systems and gas-fired products equipped with the AERCO's C-More control package. It is also an option for all steam-to-water and water-to-water single and double wall heaters which are configured with the company's state-of-the-art Electronic Control System.

AERCO offers commercial boilers and water heaters that simplify infrastructure, reduce project costs and minimize lifecycle expenses for value-driven schools, hospitals and others seeking long-lasting, reliable, high-efficiency equipment. Founded in 1949, AERCO originated tankless water heating, introduced the first modulating and condensing gas-fired unit for the commercial market and helped pioneer the high-efficiency boiler category. For more information, contact AERCO at 800.526.0288 or visit