AERCO Introduces the Benchmark 3000 Boiler

Publish Date: 4/22/2012
AERCO International, the originator of modulating condensing technology for commercial applications, introduces a redesigned Benchmark 3000 (BMK3000) boiler that features high turndown for energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and high reliability in a compact footprint. Incorporating AERCO’s field-proven stainless steel, fire-tube design, the BMK3000 provides consulting-specifying engineers, facilities management, and building owners with a boiler that can satisfy environmental requirements, and provides flexibility to fit in both retrofit and new construction that require 3 million BTU/hr.

Delivering 15:1 turndown, the new BMK3000 has operating efficiency of 93.5% to reduce operating expenses and maximize seasonal fuel savings. Measuring only 78 H x 28 W x 56 D (inches), the redesigned BMK3000 has a 22% smaller footprint than the previous 3 million BTU/hr Benchmark unit. In addition to being more compact, the BMK3000 has a new stainless steel construction that offers higher efficiency and greater heat exchanger cycling resistance.

Another key design feature of the BMK3000 is AERCO’s patented Oxygen Level (O2) monitoring system that can display the O2 level directly on the boiler’s C-More™ Control Package in real time. For added convenience, the monitoring system can be remotely accessed via Modbus or Intranet, enabling the boiler’s emissions level and fuel economy to be measured without traditional calibration devices.

Employing a proven Low NOx burner design and proprietary fuel system, the new BMK3000 supports strict emissions control. The boiler delivers <30ppm NOx at all firing levels, making it an ideal choice for environmentally-friendly projects.

The BMK3000 allows for full service access from the front or top of the boiler, for true side-by-side installation, further reducing footprint requirements. It also simplifies installation and serviceability. Commonality of parts makes maintenance more time- and cost-efficient. The boiler offers polypropylene and stainless steel venting capabilities for all standard heating applications. BMK3000 boilers come with a 10-year full heat exchanger warranty.